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Amit Pandya and his family immigrated to the United States from India with only $28 in their pockets when Amit was 14. 

As a high schooler, Amit would go to school until 2:45pm and then catch a bus from school to Berkeley and work from 4 until 10 p.m. washing dishes, and then home to do homework before going to sleep. 

Amit graduated from high school in El Cerrito and continued to work while going to California State University, Hayward to study marketing and finance. There, he began what would be a life-long trait – initiating actions to include community building. He founded two student organizations, Filipino American Student Cultural Organization (FASCO) and Indian Student Association (ISA). 


In 1990, Amit purchased a franchise sandwich restaurant called “Togo’s” which was badly run and had not been profitable; employing his strong work ethic and business acumen, in 3 years he turned it around and made it profitable. Ever since, Amit has been buying, fixing and turning around numerous businesses in Salinas and the Bay Area.


Amit has been involved and served as board member in many businesses, nonprofit, civic and social organizations, the Salinas Oldtown Salinas Association, various Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, Salinas Food and Wine festival, Oldtown Parade of Lights, Oldtown car shows and the Millbrae art and wine festival.


Amit has Chaired the Measure V/E oversight board.


Amit is a community advocate of affordable housing for all income needs and has a comprehensive plan to take on the rampant homelessness that is occurring in Salinas. He has worked to direct more funds and resources in the City of Salinas to make our streets safer and introduce prevention and afterschool programs. 


Amit will bring his vision, focus and community building skills to fix our growing city problems.


Please join local leaders and your neighbors in supporting Amit. As mayor, he will help make the City of Salinas work for everyone.

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